Welcome to BrandBird. 

We pride ourselves in creating a personal experience around your brand development, be it in the actual conceptualisation or revamp of your brand, or the marketing thereof. We tailor solutions that have our clients best interests at heart. 
We do bottomless cups of coffee. We do honest, real working relationships. We keep things personal. 
 We are bespoke branding solutions. We are imagination beyond boundaries. We are BrandBird. 
If you like the sound of this, then please do look around. 

Cath x

Head bird

Catherine De Lange is HeadBird. Her vision for BrandBird was born of a desire to provide full service marketing solutions for those seeking powerful avenues to marketing success.   Her skills and vision beacon-light every project that walks through the door. She is incredibly astute and intuitive, with a powerful gut feel for project and brand direction.   She leads the team daily with laughter, warmth and a genuine heart for the well being of every project.

Our Flock | Birds of a Feather

Great things can be achieved when you surround yourself with great people. The Brandbird team was handpicked because they are the best at what they do.
We share the same work ethic, ideals of creative excellence and professionalism, as well as maintain a committed passion to personalization and getting it right.
High Skill Levels | Smart Inventive Brand Development | Boutique Marketing

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